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WOWRebecca Dotson , 06/28/2022
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I’ve followed Unmutable/Caleb’s work for quite some time. The first full episode of this podcast was one of the most helpful conversations about the industry that I’ve ever heard. If you are an author, aspiring author, or a human of any sort in the publishing industry, you will find this show to be extremely timely and helpful!
Challenge AcceptedAleigh Porter , 07/01/2022
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After following Caleb for the past couple of years, the one thing I’ve learned is that he’s never going to hand you the information and walk away. With every practical lesson, he challenges you to take the next step and provides a concrete way to do it (even if it stretches you out of your comfort zone). The best part is, Caleb absolutely has faith that you will be able to meet the challenge. As a SLANT Letter subscriber, his conversation with Steph was fantastic and provided immediate action items to implement into the building phase of my writing. I can’t wait to hear more!
Fantastic insightsGhettoholder , 07/07/2022
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This podcast with Steph answered many of my new author questions addressing the heart as well as offering practical, actionable advice. What a delight to have both of those things in equal measure to offer inspiration and encouragement.

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