About Unmutable

A Digital Marketing Agency created for authors and online creators to grow their platforms, influence and sales.

You’re awesome, your marketing should be too!

Marketing your book, product or brand should be fun and exciting, and constantly changing algorithms and tactics shouldn’t stop you from growing.

Regardless your growth stage – discovery, build or scale – Unmutable will create and implement the strategies to accomplish your growth goals in reach and revenue (take that algorithm!). 

Excited to get started? Us too. Let’s GROW!

Meet Our Team

The marketers, creatives, and nerds that make the marketing magic .

Executive Team

Caleb Peavy, CEO and founder of Unmutable™, draws on a decade of experience in leading digital marketing teams and tactics. His combination of digital strategy and marketing operations has helped create national bestselling books, scale online businesses and non-profits.

Ana Peavy, partner spent a decade in educational leadership prior to joining the team. Now she leads Unmutable’s design, social media, and HR functions with her passion for people and keen attention to detail.

Jessica Foster

Joe Seedorf

Jessi Hasler

Kamron Munch

Nandini Goyal

Clara Jones

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