007. YouTube, Creative Insecurity, and Film with Matt Johnson, WhoIsMatt.com

Let’s be honest. Most creatives have watched countless tutorials on YouTube. In this episode, we all get a glimpse of Matt Johnson, AKA WhoIsMatt.com. We talk all things creative and filmmaking. But one of the best discussions we had was about creative insecurity. This is a subject that a lot of us deal with. Maybe it’s even why we watch so many tutorials on YouTube. Learn how to deal with your own creative insecurities and you’ll laugh this entire episode – it’s hilarious.

Find Matt on YouTube and learn more at http://whoismatt.com

006. Writing with Purpose with Margaret Feinberg

Have you ever wanted to write a book? I know I have! But honestly it can be very overwhelming. Today’s guest, Margaret Feinberg, shares her 5 questions that you should ask yourself BEFORE you write your book. And she’s sold over 1 million copies in her career. So she knows her stuff!

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Margaret's 5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Writing a Book

  1. Do people keep telling you to write/share your story?
  2. Is you big idea best packaged as a blog post, a podcast, a long article or a bonafide book?
  3. Are you willing to write your story in such a way that it's all about your audience?
  4. Has your idea or story had enough time to mature?
  5. Are you willing to hustle? 

Connect with Margaret – @mafeinberg and http://margaretfeinberg.com


004. Pursuing Your Creative Passions with Jessica N. Turner

Jessica N. Turner is the founder of the popular lifestyle blog The Mom Creative, where she documents her pursuit of cultivating a life well crafted. She is a writer for HuffPost Parents, Parenting.com, and DaySpring’s (in)courage. She’s also an advocate for World Vision, a regular speaker at conferences nationwide, and an award-winning marketing professional. She and her husband, Matthew, live with their three young children in Nashville, Tennessee.

Websitesthemomcreative.com, fringehours.com


  • Pursue your passions, and know that your passions matter.
  • It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful.
  • Fight for margins

Fire From The Hip Answers

  • iPhone or Android:  iPhone
  • Favorite Song Right Now:  “Hello”
  • Favorite instagram:  @hollywoodhwife
  • Book you are reading:  Remember Mia & Orphan Number 8
  • If you started over from scratch what would you do?:  Wouldn’t Change Anything


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Jessica's New Book - My Fringe Hours

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003. Better Together, A Creative Journey With Wedding Photographers Phillip and Eileen Blume

003. Better Together, A Creative Journey With Wedding Photographers Phillip and Eileen Blume

Phillip & Eileen Blume are a creative duo who are leaders in the photography community.  WPPI and being featured on Creative Live are just a few recent stops for these creative wedding photographers.  They also have generously offered a free course of how to make $1500 per hour with mini sessions.