Facebook Did It AGAIN. Change Your Cover Photos.

Made this in just minutes. See how below.

Made this in just minutes. See how below.

Change is a great thing. Major brands like Facebook & Google are constantly working to enhance the user experience (UX for short). Unfortunately, for designers and marketers this means you have to constantly be checking to make sure that your content is in the best format possible.

Change Your Cover Photo (Like Right Now)!

Facebook just released a new update that changed the layouts for business pages. The profile photo is much smaller, which for some of you means your clever cover photo is looking a little odd right now.

Canva is a fantastic quick solution. If you've never used it, you'll thank me later. Unmutable Creative has every design program available, but I still use Canva because it's EASY.

Quick Tips For Your Cover Photo

  • If you use text in your image...
    • Keep important info in the middle (think mobile)
    • Export your file as a PNG (ideally PNG-24), this will keep it "crisp"
  • Images are better than graphics
  • Now the profile image is smaller, include important marketing/branding content in cover
  • STOP trying to incorporate arrows or boxes to get people to interact
  • Edit your description - people forget about this all the time. Include a link so people can click!
  • Keep important graphics/text above in the top 2/3 of image

Check Out Canva!

Here's how fast and effective this site is: see it in use on our Facebook Page

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