Derailed: When I Almost Quit, BUT Why I Kept Going

Pursuing a passion is extremely difficult. It never fails that at some point you'll be faced with wanting to quit chasing. No matter how long you've been in your area of expertise it will STILL happen to you.

As some of you know, I'm currently writing a book on creativity. Part of this coming from the great support of the Be Creative Podcast, but also because I want to help others on their creative journey. While I was working on it this week, something unexpected happened...

Someone Else Was Chasing The Same Dream 

Normally, I wouldn't care. But this individual has a bigger platform, has more experience and I've actually learned from his knowledge on other topics. Thoughts started crushing me (don't judge):

  • If he writes this, who's gonna care about my book
  • I don't have a chance, he has a HUGE platform
  • This is where I live 100%, this is kind of what he does
  • Is he hacking my email or talking to my friends
  • Why is he chasing my dream, this was my idea

So this list may seem silly, but these thoughts almost derailed my whole project. So why am I writing this post, and more importantly why does it matter to you?

The Only Person That Owns Your Dream Is YOU!

I realized very quickly that my fears had nothing to do with this big time author, but not believing that my idea was good enough. Throughout the past decade in the music, film, photography and marketing world I've seen this roadblock pop up quite often. This is where most people throw in the towel. But not us, we're gonna push through because we know it's our dream. The only person that owns your dream is you.

Here are some truths that I reminded myself before I let these negative thoughts crush my pursuit:

  • This dream isn't about me
  • I shouldn't worry about another's platform, I should focus on my own tribe
  • No one can tell your story like you can, own it
  • Don't let jealousy blind you from your own passions
  • Comparison won't get you anywhere
  • Use these feelings as more motivation
  • If he's writing about this topic, you're really on to something
  • You obviously care deeply about this subject, what makes your story different
  • You can't control this subject matter, but you can control your efforts to help others
  • Don't ignore your feelings, address them then move forward with more passion
  • Don't belittle his dream because you're insecure about your own

After these doses of reality, I was fine. If not even more motivated to finish out my project. I know this story is a little more personal that what I would put on my business blog, BUT I believe that many creatives struggle with similar issues. I hope that this transparency will help someone to continue chasing their own dreams.

I'm rooting for you. You've got this!

Caleb Peavy

Founder of Unmutable Creative. We are a creative design and digital marketing studio. We SHARE Your Vision.